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Welcome to Cityscape Sport and Spine Physiotherapy in Calgary

We understand you are in pain, and your accident or chronic pain impacts your life every day. Whether you had a sports injury, a car accident, got injured at work, or have no idea where your pain started, we’re here to help.

  • Result Driven - Our physiotherapists get to the root of the issue to help you regain stability and jumpstart a healthier lifestyle.
  • Tools & Techniques - We use a combination of various techniques to speed healing and support your recovery.
  • Reports & Feeling - Reduce your pain and gain more flexibility with Cityscape Sport and Spine in Calgary.

Here's how we get you feeling great again

Thorough Assessment

Thorough Assessment

Your physiotherapist conducts an assessment to identify the root cause of your pain

Custom Treatment Plan

Custom Treatment Plan

Your physiotherapist develops a tailored recovery plan with the understanding that everybody is different and every injury is unique.

Get Back to Your Active Life

Get Back to Your Active Life

Most patients find improvement begins quickly! You can get back to what you love doing soon.

It’s time to take back your life and we will help you to get back to the things that matter the most to you.

Services at Cityscape Sport and Spine Physiotherapy in Calgary

Our multidisciplinary setting offers multiple services under one roof,
allowing patients to recover quickly and achieve their goals even faster


Cityscape Sport and Spine Physiotherapy in Calgary?

Doctor with Patient in Room

At Cityscape Sport and Spine Physiotherapy in Calgary, we focus on making patients from different cultures feel comfortable. We provide a safe, professional, caring environment where you can find help with your pain.

  • The holistic practise philosophy works from a foundation of a detailed, personalized assessment. We will consult with your physician if required.
  • Your customized therapeutic movement and exercise program contains several elements to support your healing.
  • We ensure everyone can take advantage of the great lifestyle Calgary offers.

We look forward to working with you on your healing journey.

Patient Education

At Cityscape Sport and Spine Physiotherapy in Calgary, we believe you deserve to understand your condition(s). Your physiotherapist will take the time to answer your questions and offer resources for you to learn more.

  • Understanding the nature of your injury or chronic pain makes it easier to feel hopeful about your recovery path.
  • Discovering how physiotherapy helps your healing journey supports your motivation as you get better.
  • Learning what you can do to reduce the chances of getting hurt or being in chronic pain again makes the future look brighter!
Doctor Explains...

It feels hopeless when
pain holds you back.
Get back to doing what you love!

  • Results-driven, measurable, customized care plan
  • Comfortable, safe environment
  • Get to the root cause of your condition(s)

Are you uncertain that Physical Therapy is the solution to your pain?

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